Online Mortgage Calculator With PMI


Free Online Calculator Gives Complete Mortgage Payment In 10 Seconds. TMC is Amazing! Other calculators give only partial payments misleading buyers on what their FULL payment will be. Only after the buyer is in escrow do they find that their payment will be hundreds of dollars more than they thought. The True Mortgage CValculator (TMC) not only calculates a full PITI (plus PMI and HOA, etc,) but it also the only calculator anywhere that will allow a user to calculate the maximum purchase price allowable at a desired payment (Joe wants his complete PITI-PMI-HOA payment to be 1600, how much house can he afford at that payment?). And for everyone who wishes they could find information about First Time Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance Programs, the calculator calculates the benefits of both DAP programs and the MCC program! Watch this video, then go to or to see how well it works! It’s fast, easy and free.

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1st Compare web calcs to see why they only show partial payment
2nd show how to use basic FULL monthly mortgage calculation
3rd How to calculate Down Payment Assistance Programs & MCC
4th How to calculate the amount you can buy for desired payment
and there is much more. all calculations can be performed in about 10 seconds.

If you want to see the video on the home search functionality and how websites are misleading you by showing you homes that are already for sale, click here

PLEASE NOTE: In the video, I indicated that Redfin also shows listings that are not really accepting offers (like Trulia and Zillo). I got an email from a Redfin Representative who said that their site does not show the “Pending and Contingent” properties that Zillow and Trulia are showing and that they in fact are concerned with these same issues. I was skeptical, because past searches I had done on Redfin had returned more results than were really active. I went looking for who was right. It turns out that I had misunderstood what I was seeing on Redfin and therefore had misspoken. When you search on Redfin, more results come up than one would expect (if you were trying to buy a house). This is because Redfins initial search page does not SEEM to allow the buyer to indicate the type of property they are searching for. Thus the results include all types including for example Lot/land sales, etc. So is this bad??? Well, perhaps and perhaps not. Once you get to their results page Redfin allows you “More Options” to define your search criteria. This allows for filtering to the type of property that you are interested in. Once you redefine your search and click search again, it will return the results that you are specifically looking for. So which is better? Well, Redfin believes their way is better and that is why they have designed there page that way. I believe that it is easier for the clients to indicate their search criteria upfront and not have to resubmit a second search (or filter through unwanted results). In the end, it is the buyer who ultimately chooses what they feel comfortable with.